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5 Annoying Things You Do That Drives Hiring Managers Crazy

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You only have few precious minutes to make a case as to why you are the best for the job. What do you do with those few more.


Breaking: New National Airline Unveiled

The name and logo for the much awaited national airline have finally been revealed. The ministry of aviation has stated that the new carrier will be private sector-led and more.


Courses and Training
Customer Service Excellence
Date: 13th - 14th Aug 2018
GUS Consulting Ltd


Integrated Logistics & Distribution Mgt.
Date: 30th Aug 2018
GUS Consulting Ltd
Managerial Skills for Technical Managers
Date: TBA
GUS Consulting Ltd
Business Etiquette & Personal Grooming
Date: 6th Sep 2018
GUS Consulting Ltd

Confined Space Entry
Date: 30th Aug, 2018
GUS Consulting Ltd


Intro. to Petroleum
Production Operations

Date: 13th - 17th Aug 2018
GUS Consulting Ltd

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