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3 Easy Tricks To Help You Save More

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 165 total views Most people living from paycheck to paycheck constantly encounter money glitches. Once salary comes in, it goes into several things all at once. Bills and expenses lie in wait while savings are constantly on zero. Sometimes, you even spend

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 174 total views Fresh in the job market? You are probably wondering what life in the job market looks like and confused about how to get started. The job market is deeply saturated and if you don’t arm yourself with the

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5 Tips to Take the Sting out of Your Monday Mornings

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 163 total views It’s another Monday morning. While a few people see it as a chance to start afresh or a new week to add more feathers to their crowns and take on new territories at work, others struggle with the

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How to Answer Interview Question ‘Why Do You Think You Are Qualified For This Position?’

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 145 total views Some interview questions seem really tough and difficult to answer, but if you calm down and really look at them, you will find that it is actually not as hard as it seems. Employers use these questions to

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See How People Like You Crush The Salary Negotiation Dance

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 227 total views Landing a new job is a dream come true, but what happens when the salary doesn’t meet your expectations? For some people, getting the offer is more than enough, especially if they have been searching for too long.

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Searching For an Administrative Job? Here are 6 Skills You Must Have

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 129 total views Administrative positions are one of the most available jobs you can find. Every organization no matter the industry needs an admin person working behind the scenes to ensure everything is in place. The support duties administrative staff performs,

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9 Negative Body Languages That Can Ruin Your Job Interview

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 160 total views After weeks of uncertainty and waiting, Alice was called for a job interview in a company she has been applying to. She covered her tracks well, read up all there was to know about the job and the

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Basic Rules Of Writing A CV

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 133 total views There is a big difference between spoken and written English. While you can speak without paying much attention to grammar and spelling rules, it is not the same with writing. When writing you are conveying your thoughts to

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