Account Management Account Management

How to create account, sign into the portal, retrieve forgotten password, change password and email address

Create and Manage CV Create and Manage CV

How to manually create a CV, Upload from your computer or Extract CV data from LinkedIn Account Profile. How to edit and delete CVs

Applying for Jobs Applying for Jobs

How to search for jobs, save jobs of interest to apply later and applying for jobs found.

Setting Job Alert Setting Job Alert

How to set job alerts from your job seeker account

Create and Manage Company Create and Manage Company

How to create and edit company information as an employer

Save  Jobs Searches Save Jobs Searches

How to save jobs searches for later viewing or application

Searching for Jobs Searching for Jobs

How to search for jobs as a job seeker

Posting Jobs Posting Jobs

How to post jobs as an employers

Managing Jobs Applications Managing Jobs Applications

How to shortlist, reject and hire candidates applications for jobs, export resumes in pdf/excel format and send email candidates. 

Purchasing a Package Purchasing a Package

How to make payment to purchase a package to post jobs or search for CVs as an employer

Search for CVs Search for CVs

How to search for job seekers CVs and save CVs for later viewing as an employer.

Save CV Searches Save CV Searches

How to save CVs searches results as an employer

Tell a Friend about a Job Tell a Friend about a Job

How to send a job link to your friend(s) email address(es).

Messages Management Messages Management

How to send a message to a job seeker's account inbox and how to access and respond to employers messages. 

Checking Credit Balance Checking Credit Balance

How to check your credit balance as an employer.

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